What Did the Dow Confirm on Friday

The Dow Transportation Avg. has made several new highs in 2014 while the Dow Industrial Avg. had failed.  That is, until Friday when the Dow finally confirmed the Transports by making a new high.  In Dow Theory circles, this is confirmation that the bull market is intact.  This doesn’t mean we can’t sell off from here, as we saw plenty of selling on Friday after the new high was put in but it means that pull backs can be bought.

The DAX, NQ and TF, however, have all failed to make new highs thus far.  Just as we like to have all markets in agreement when trading intra-day, we also like to see all markets in agreement in the bigger time frames.  Right now, there is no agreement.  This may mean continued volatility with lots of back and forth type action as opposed to nice trends.

Silver is still hovering around the $20 level.  I would still like to see one last flush down to test the lows before getting a final bottom but we may just be getting a rounded bottom as opposed to a V shaped one.

Some of the option candidates have made some nice progress.  Be mindful of overall stock market selling that may continue if we take out Friday’s lows in the Dow and S&P.

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Is the Rally Over?

As anticipated, the markets rallied into options expiration Friday before the selling came in mid-day on Friday.  The ES weekly wave 5 was put in and confirmed by last weeks red sellers candle formation and subsequent price break of that level.  We will see, now that we have passed the options expiration rally and Fed meeting, if things begin to roll over as they did late on Friday.

The daily ES is now in a potential wave 2 with a break below Friday’s low being a potential catalyst for more selling.  If we see a close above the daily wave 2 resistance area this week then look for a run to new highs.

The silver short is still in play.  I’m still not convinced of the rally in metals and we saw selling coming in last week.  Stops are at break even so we get a free peek to see if we can retest the lows and maybe even make a new wave 5 low around 17.50-60 levels eventually.

I also updated the option candidates and added some new ones to the mix.

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